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Fred the pufferfish - official festival 3D animation selections
Fred the pufferfish
  • Client
  • Abwasser Uri, commissioned by HI Schweiz AG
  • Type
  • Cartoon animation, 2D logo to 3D character
  • Work
  • Complete production. Transforming 2D logo into 3D character, idea, full animation.
  • Sound design by SoundAvenue
  • Project Brief
  • The task was to create a catchy cartoon animation warning kids not to throw garbage down the toilets.
  • Project Execution
  • Fred the pufferfish is enjoying his day while suddenly interrupted by reckless human behavior. Children sympathize with the likable character and are taught that poison doesn't belong in the waters.
Fred 2D logo to 3D cartoon character fish
fred bathroom_050
fred cartoon animation bubbles
fred cartoon animation shower
fred cartoon animation toilet
fred radio_000
The making of
fred 00 shower sketch
fred 01 sketch designs A
fred 01 sketch designs B
fred 02 story sketches A
fred 02 story sketches B
fred 03 bathroom design sketch
Joel arbeitet mit Leidenschaft und dies in einer TOP Qualit├Ąt. Er setzt nicht nur um, sondern bringt auch seine Erfahrung im Storytelling mit ein. Das sch├Ątzen wir sehr.

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