The Regina diet

The simplest diet in the world
  • Client
  • Regina diet book
  • Type
  • Branding , real person to 3D character
  • Work
  • Complete production. Character design, animation and sound design.
Starting from a real person ...

Regina’s weight loss story is designed into a minimalistic cartoon character made of only mouth and belly.
The simplicity outlines how easy and uncomplicated it is to follow the Swiss best selling diet book.

regina character drawings design
regina step counter
regina taking a foamy bath
regina romantic dinner with choccolate
regina playing tennis
regina playing chess
regina mesuring her belly - weight loss - diet
regina in front of sex shop
regina getting married
regina eating unealhy hamburger
regina eating a carrot
regina weight loss army discipline
regina sleeping in bed
regina reparing her car
regina playing in the pool
regina on empty dining table
regina meditating
regina in a rocket popsicle
regina envies slim female model
regina eating spagetti with tomato sauce
regina drinking beer

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