Russian pharmacy chain

Russian pharmacy chain 3D animation awards Angels & Demons
Empowering a pharmacy with awards and spectacle
  • Client
  • Planet of Health
  • Type
  • Branding, cartoon animation, 2D logo to 3D character
  • Work
  • Complete production. Idea, characters, animations and sound design
  • Project Brief
  • Planet of Health’s 2D logo is brought to life by transforming it into a 3D cartoon character, enabling the Russian pharmacy chain to establish a personal connection to its audience.
  • Project Results
  • The series of animations became a national and global phenomenon, winning multiple awards and media publications.
leaf 2d logo to 3d
The making of
Leaf planet health character design sketches
leaf wireframe making of 3D model
leaf animation wireframe_01
leaf animation wireframe_02
leaf animation wireframe_03
leaf animation wireframe_04
leaf animation wireframe_05

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