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Award-winning 3D animation studio specialized in presenting brands powerfully and effectively. Our 3D animations are created through a unique and perfectly tailored approach, combining stunning visuals with impressive cinematic music.

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Animations crafted by the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of the heavenly realms.
Joel Stutz | Producer, Director, 3D Artist

Joel Stutz has been a professional 3D animation designer, creating photo-real renderings, cartoons, and architectural visualisations for over a decade. In his professional career he has had to create animations for all sorts of clients in many different areas. This has given him considerable knowledge and experience in all aspects of 3D production, from the very first consultations with clients through to drawing storyboards and concepts, to final rendering and movie composition. In doing so his knowledge has expanded beyond the film-making processes to include the ability to create powerful marketing and communication concepts.

3D animation with love

We strive for all content we create to connect with peoples’ emotions, therefore every project is personal: a pure creative experience. We’re a small outfit, with a highly skilled creative team, all working to create the highest standards of 3D animation, music, sound design, rhythm, and cinematography – in-house. This gives the finished a greater sense of completeness.

The personal touch

At Angels & Demons we understand that every brand is unique, so we believe it’s important to offer a tailored service that captures the essence and feeling of your brand. Our adaptable creative team are happy developing concepts from scratch: storyboarding, animatics, sound design and animation, or we can work from finalised scripts and storyboards.

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AWARD WINNER - Independent Talents International Film Festival - 2019 - Heart animation - Joel Stutz
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